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The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) Alliance is working to realize the vision of a "universal middleware" that will address issues such as application packaging, versioning, deployment, publication, and discovery. In this article we'll examine the need for the kind of container model provided by the OSGi, outline the capabilities it would provide, and discuss its relationship to complementary technologies such as SOA, SCA, and Spring. Enterprise software is often composed of large amounts of complex interdependent logic that makes it hard to adapt readily to changes in requirements from the business. You can enable this kind of agility by following a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) pattern that refactors a system into application modules grouped by business functions that expose their public functionality as services (interfaces). For example, a customer... (more)

A Close Look at BPEL 2.0

As most readers are probably aware, the Web Services-Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL) provides a broadly adopted process orchestration standard supported by many vendors today and used to define business processes that orchestrate services, systems, and people into end-to-end business processes and composite applications. However, in many ways BPEL's adoption has gotten ahead of the formal standardization process. The BPEL4WS 1.1 specification was submitted to OASIS back in 2004 and after three years of work by one of the largest technical committees at OASIS, WS-BP... (more)

OrbixWeb 3.0

OrbixWeb 3.0 is a CORBA 2.0 compliant, 100% Pure Java ORB with better lifecycle management of distributed objects. It includes many useful services which make it easier to develop, deploy and manage distributed applications in the Internet age. In today's computing age of Internet and multi-tier architecture, combining Java and CORBA offers the best solution. If you want to do it, then you might want to look into Iona's OrbixWeb 3.0 as one of the leading edge, robust and proven solutions. OrbixWeb is a fully CORBA 2.0 compliant distributed application development environment for ... (more)

VisiBroker 3.0

After making the important decision to embrace the Common Object Request Broker(CORBA), the next important decision that you will have to make is choosing an Object Request Broker(ORB) vendor suitable for your needs. You have many options to select from: Digital's ObjectBroker, ExpertSoft's PowerBroker, HP's Orb Plus, IBM's SOM, Iona's Orbix, Sun's Joe, VisiBroker from Visigenic, etc. Six months back, when I first worked on VisiBroker2.5, I found it a good ORB but without many supporting services. In July 1997, Visigenic announced version 3.0 of VisiBroker which made it more pro... (more)


If you are planning to deploy your database application on the Internet or Intranet, very soon you will need to deal with state management.' The stateless nature of Web architecture makes it radically different from the other (traditional) client-server architectures. The servers do not maintain any information on a client after the request is served. NetDynamics offers a solution for such problems. You can develop a fully object-oriented Web application in Java using the NetDynamics system. It supports server side Java for the generation of dynamic Web pages, application logic a... (more)